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Straightforward design and documentation of steel-, timber-, and concrete column.

Simplifying Structural Expertise

At PolyStruc, we firmly believe that a structural engineer’s proficiency is best utilized in shaping a building’s overall structural behavior rather than being entangled in mundane calculations. This conviction has led us to develop a comprehensive toolbox comprising intuitive and user-friendly tools tailored specifically for routine tasks. By offering PolyColumn, we give engineers the possibility to use their expertise to conceptual design more efficiently and make it possible to push the boundaries of what’s achievable in the field of structural engineering.

Explore Steel, Timber, and Concrete

Help your clients by comparing steel, timber, and concrete sections to find the best solution.

Double bending

Design columns with bending about strong- and weak axis.

Designing for Fire Safety

Ensure columns can withstand fire by evaluating needed fire resistance or protection using PolyColumn.

Checking for Serviceability

Consider deflection concerns in your design process with PolyColumn's helpful features.

Improving Stability

For columns, stability is important. PolyColumn calculates buckling lengths with high precision.

Easy-to-Use Documentation

Our standout feature is the short and clear PDF report, making validation quick and easy.


PolyColumn is meticulously crafted for the rapid and straightforward design of steel, timber, and concrete columns. With just a few clicks, engineers can effortlessly design and document columns, saving significant time and effort in the process.

Want to know more?

Serviceability Limit State

With PolyColumn you can examine deflection for steel, timber, and concrete columns in the serviceability limit state. For concrete column, you can also assess crack width and reinforcement stress.


Determining the column's fire-resistant capacity is straightforward and based on the desired fire duration and the sides exposed to the fire. When dealing with steel column, it's a simple task to identify the required fire protection by using the critical steel temperature calculated by PolyColumn.


Documentation is growing in significance within structural design, and PolyColumn is purpose-built with this in focus. Crafting a document is effortless, requiring a few clicks, and it's designed to be both succinct and precise. When complemented with graphical illustrations, this approach simplifies quality control procedures.

Ultimate Limit State

Assess the load-bearing capacity of your steel, timber, and concrete column according to Eurocode standards. PolyColumn employs advanced calculation techniques to optimize material usage. PolyColumn determines the critical forces through precise geometric eigenvalue calculations. This eliminates the need for buckling length assessments, reducing the risk of errors. As a result, PolyColumn often results in enhanced load-bearing capacity compared to conventional methods.

Ready for the next step?

Request a demo and we will show you how our software works.

Ready for the next step?

Request a demo and we will show you how our software works, and how we can help you optimize your work flow

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