We believe in minimizing time caught up in trivial calculations and writing documentation. Thus, we are creating a series of small software for structural engineers. Software for streamlining and optimizing everyday structural calculations and documentation.

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PolyStruc ApS
Gudrunsvej 78, 3., 39
8220 Brabrand
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Save time and minimize errors

At PolyStruc, we want to revolutionize the world of structural engineering. We recognize the importance of saving time, minimizing errors, improving documentation, and optimizing material utilization. Our software is meticulously designed with user-friendly interfaces, ensuring effortless navigation and functionality. By prioritizing intuitive design, we empower engineers to accomplish their tasks efficiently, eliminating frustration and saving valuable time.

Precision in every calculation

We understand the critical role that precise documentation plays in the engineering process. With PolyStruc Software, access short and precise documentation becomes effortless, providing engineers with essential information in a clear and efficient manner. Our commitment to transparency extends to calculations. Through transparent and comprehensible calculation models, we minimize errors by helping users grasp each step clearly and efficiently.

Moreover, PolyStruc optimizes material utilization without compromising the user experience. Our software employs precise calculation models that ensure every material is used to its fullest potential. By doing so, we not only enhance the structural integrity of buildings but also contribute to sustainable engineering practices.

Nicolai Frøkjær


Structural Engineer


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Rune Hallum


Structural Engineer


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Ruqaya Solemani

Emil Risum

Software Developer

Teil Bechmann Pedersen


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